The arena of Tukums Ice Hall is 58 x 28m large. It has 820 seats and additionally the same number of standing places. The ice field fulfills the official requirements for hockey tournaments and ice skating tournaments. On daily basis the hall is used by the Hockey Club Tukums for hockey and ice skating training. Regularly the hall hosts amateur hockey teams as well as local hockey championships. Ice hall also offers the ice field to the public for recreational ice skating. Here you can see the planned ice field usage.

Prices for 1 hour in EUR, incl. VAT : 
Public Ice skating:  
Adults 7,00 
Children up to 18 years 4,00 
Skating - hockey: 10,00 
Rent of skates: 3,00
Rent of safety helmet: 2,00 


Rent of the whole ice field for 1 hour   200  EUR, including VAT