To increase the popularity of hockey and figure ice skating, to give people the opportunity for a diversified healthy life style and to create a unique recreation complex Tukums, in November of 2005 Tukums Ice Hall was opened. On the 1st of January 2008 Tukums city council became the owner and operator of Tukums Ice Hall. The director of Tukums Ice Hall is Mr. Modris Liepins (successful sportsman, participant of the Olympic games and organisator of sports events), under his leadership the team of Tukums Ice Hall takes care of the operation of the ice hall, caring for the wellbeing of visitors and keeping sportsmanship alive.

Tukums Ice Hall is a complex with many features. It includes an ice field with arena including seats and standing places, it offers a full service ice skates rental point. The complex offers also one large conference hall, as well as a smaller event room, further more it has a nice sauna with chilling furniture for relaxation, it also offers a fitness center, haidresser salon, a hotel. All premises are avaliable for rent - the ice field, conference rooms, sauna. Please contact our administrator for avaliable times +371 63107470.

In cooperation with the Hockey Club Tukums, we offer the opportunity for children and teenagers to learn hockey, ice skating or figure ice skating. To get more information about any training options please contact hockey coach (t. +371 28604949), figure ice skating coach Mrs. Alina Petrenko (t. +371 27096005) or the administrator at the information desk (t.+371 63107470).  

The hotel has 14 rooms, with a total capacity of 44 visitors. The hotel has rooms that ar suited for individuals, for business travelers and for groups of sportists or tourists.

We are located at the very heart of Tukums (Satdiona street 3) - it is located about 800 m from Tukums 1 train station and the city main bus station.